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You can now log into Twitter on Android with your 2FA key alone

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Twitter has long had dual security features based on physical keys like Ubiquiti or Google’s Titan Key. You can login with this key on your phone (assuming the key works on your phone). for several months. But what if you need to manage your company’s PR Twitter account on the go? Or, more generally, what if you have a USB-A key for desktop and an NFC key for mobile?

In both cases, the Twitter app for Android now supports logging into one or more accounts via multiple physical security keys such as USB, Bluetooth or NFC. Twitter has of course announced this change via a tweet and it will be live in the latest version of the app.

You currently need to log in with your Twitter password, but Twitter says that soon you’ll be able to log in with just your security key enabled. That said, it’s only Level 1 security, but it may be more secure than the passwords used by the other 24 services.

Log in to your account As the only 2FA method, all you need is a USB, Bluetooth or NFC-based security key. It works with multiple keys, but must be associated with an account before attempting to log in on mobile. It’s a good idea to make sure everything works in the full desktop browser before trying it on your phone only.


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