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You can now download Chrome 93 Beta

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Google is constantly releasing new versions of Chrome, and this week the beta channel was promoted to v93. The latest browser variants continue to test the controversial interface changes that first appeared in Chrome 91, but there are some things to look forward to. Chrome 93 is now available on the Play Store and can be downloaded from: APK Mirror, do.

When I first installed the latest beta, it quickly became clear that Google was still testing various redesigns of the new tab page and top bar. The Transform (among many) new tabs page with a more prominent Discover feed is enabled by default, and as you navigate, you’ll see a shortcut to open a new tab right next to the address bar. It will also be seen. The experiment was first introduced in Chrome 92. Things may vary if Google turns the server-side switch on or off per user, but you get the gist. Receiving interface changes.

A new tab page with a more prominent Discover feed is enabled by default.

Chrome for desktop, Google announced, means some interesting real trials, which everyone can try before it is released in stable state. Browser makes it easier for developers to manage presentations when connected to secondary screens using the new Multiscreen Windows Batch API. Developers can also draw on top of a web app’s top bar, giving progressive web apps a more native feel.

Learn more about all the new features in this release. Will find out in a while.

Chrome 93 is the last release in Google’s six-week cycle. Starting with Chrome 94 a new version is available every 4 weeks, and therefore expect version numbers to change rapidly in the future. For now, you can download the new Chrome Beta from the Play Store or from: APK Mirror.

Chrome beta
Chrome beta

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