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WWE RAW star responds to recent comparisons to The Undertaker

Jinder Mahal explained that he wasn’t trying to imitate Undertaker by riding a motorcycle on WWE RAW.

The former WWE Champion rode a motorcycle into the WWE ThunderDome on the July 5 episode of RAW. A week later, Drew McIntyre crashed his bike backstage before crashing. Many WWE fans have compared Mahala to The Undertaker on social media, earning her the nickname “Jender Taker”.

I’m talking. Rao Dasgupta from sports wrestling, Mahal said he was aware of the memes being shared about him. He also insisted that he did not initially intend to draw comparisons between himself and The Undertaker:

“I really enjoyed the memes,” said Mahal. “Some people have done some remixes of my music and The Undertaker’s musical combination. No, it wasn’t an attempt to pay tribute to The Undertaker. Many WWE stars have ridden motorcycles before.

“We were in Tampa at the Thunderdome, and I live in Tampa, so sometimes I bring one of my cars. Unfortunately, I decided to bring my bike, which was very emotional for me. As I As mentioned earlier, I bought it when I was WWE Champion, so Drew obviously destroyed it and it will be returned.”

Watch the video above to hear Jinder Mahal’s full story about his segment in Undertaker style. He also expressed his thoughts about possibly facing Brock Lesnar in WWE one day.

Why did Undertaker ride a motorcycle?

The Undertaker
Undertaker’s biker gimmick

In 2000, The Undertaker underwent a drastic transformation when he debuted a cycling gimmick and became known as The American Badass. As part of a character change, he rode a motorcycle during his entrance instead of walking slowly to the ring.

The Undertaker returned to his former self in 2004, before reviving his biker character during the 2020 Boneyard match against AJ Styles.

Several entertaining videos have been made comparing Jinder Mahal to The Undertaker. The aforementioned video shows Mahala entering the WWE Thunderdome on a motorcycle, while The Undertaker’s theme plays in the background.

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