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Will Mega Lopunny make a Pokemon GO debut in April?

Mega Lopony could be the next Mega Pokemon to appear in Pokemon Go. Although it is Not yet confirmedThe latest release of the event in Pokemon GO may mean that Mega Lopunny will be available very soon.

Niantic posted a blog post detailing all the upcoming events leading up to the end of April’s March events. While many events are on display for players to watch, Niantic has kept some details under wraps until now. However, they always leave a lot for speculation, and this time megaloponi are part of the speculation.

The biggest piece of information is the confirmation of a surprise Mega Pokemon that will appear on April 4th at 10am local time. The Pokemon will be in Mega Raids until later this month, but the name has not been confirmed.

Well, coincidentally, April 4th is Easter Sunday, and what better time for Pokemon to debut than in the Mega Lopony? Pokemon with rabbits fits perfectly in the new release during Easter. A spring-themed event will also begin this Sunday with a permanent egg appearance.

Mega Loopy and other tips in Pokemon GO

The blog posting isn’t the only thing that signals the debut of Mega Lopony in Pokemon GO. Two days after his possible debut in the game Mega Lopni, there is another event that could confirm his appearance.

April 6 is followed by next month’s first spotlight. During this hour of the spotlight, it can’t surprise anyone when they hear that the Pokémon chosen is Bonari. So not only will the Mega Lopunny possibly make an appearance in Pokemon GO, but Buneary’s spotlight watch will also give players a chance to get their own Lopunny if they haven’t already.

Mega Luponi isn’t the only possible Pokemon to debut in Pokemon GO raids in April. Therian Forme Tornado should debut on March 30th as well, and players will have until April 13th to get the Legendary. Therian farm Landaurus will then make their debut.

Another big event in April will be Dreamer Community Day. During the event, Snivy will appear everywhere, and players can research the time for additional encounters. A special research ticket will be available at the store for $1. Lucky players will also have a chance to win a cool Snivy.

Posted on March 26, 2021, 5:30 AM IST

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