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Why is Johnny Gargano leaving WWE NXT?

Johnny Gargano is known as one of the most skilled talents in ring WWE. The former NXT Champion has also played in most of the company’s biggest matches, especially during NXT’s Black and Gold era.

Gargano appeared at NXT WarGames 2021 as part of Team Old School, which included other WWE NXT stars such as Tommaso Ciampa, LA Knight and Pete Dunne. But this was rumored to be their last match on the NXT brand.

Why is Johnny Gargano leaving WWE NXT?

Gargan’s contract had already expired on December 3, but was extended as the former NXT Champion was a part of NXT WarGames. Although the match was won by The New School team, the former multiple NXT North American Champion was at his best in the main event.

Johnny Gargano May Leave WWE

As mentioned earlier, Johnny Gargano was one of the most popular faces in WWE and won the Tag Team Championship, NXT Championship and North American Championship.

He is also the first man to win the NXT Triple Crown Championship and has been part of some amazing matches with opponents including Adam Cole, Andrade Sean Almas, Tommaso Ciampa and many others.

Over the past few months, many former WWE stars have moved to AEW. Former NXT Champions such as Malakai Black, Adam Cole and Andrade have all joined AEW and are now contributing heavily to their new home promotion.

Fans speculate that Gargano may choose to follow the same path as his fellow superstars and may appear on AEW in the near future. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

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