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Who was Tania Mendoza ? Mexican actress of ‘La Reina Del Sur fame’ shot dead in Cuernavaca

on Tuesday, December 14. Mexican actress Tania Mendoza was shot dead in the city of Cuernavaca in south-central Mexico. The actress reportedly picked up her 11-year-old son after the assailant shot him and fled on a motorcycle.

The killer allegedly got away after shooting Tanya Mendoza in front of her son. According to local sources, no arrests have been made yet. After the ambulance reached the scene, the actress was declared dead.

The local police are yet to identify any of the culprits. However, the investigation seems to be ongoing.

What was the late Tanya Mendoza famous for?

Tania Mendoza was reportedly a singer-turned-actress who appeared first 10 hours before death 2005. After several other projects over the next six years, 3 chacales and carriage Published in 2011.

Mendoza, 42, appeared in the lead role in 2003 3 chacales and carriage, where she played La Reina. According to her IMDb profile, Tania Mendoza has 25 credits as an actress since her debut in 1998.

Mendoza reportedly debuted as an actress when she was 19 years old. His last publicly acclaimed work was about ten years ago. As a singer, Tania has released five albums featuring songs in the Mexican vernacular.

Although almost nothing is known about Tania Mendoza’s private life, it was announced that the actress is married to a man named Rafael Sanchez Rojas.

The recent incident, which claimed the life of the actress, was not the first time Mendoza was allegedly assaulted. In 2010, the actress, her husband and then six-month-old son were kidnapped.

Mendoza and his family were kidnapped from his car wash job. Both were allegedly beaten and held captive for several hours before being released. However, the kidnappers later called him and asked him to leave the Mexican state of Morelos.

According to multiple sources, Tania has since received numerous death threats.

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