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Who was Bunny B? Lafayette rapper of Da Entourage dies at 50

B. Bunny, one of the founders of Da Entourage, recently passed away at the age of 50 after a long battle with illness. He also mentioned the same in a video shared on Facebook.

Bunny spoke to his fans via Facebook from his hospital bed on December 16 and said that he has been admitted to the hospital. He realized that his condition was deteriorating as he was suffering from kidney disease and according to the doctors he did not have much time to live.

RIP Bunny B, one of the creators of “Bunny Hop” and Lafayette (fightinville).

The artiste said that he is happy with everything he has achieved in life and his 2003 hit film Bunny Hop will be remembered by his fans. Bunny also thanked local DJs and artists like DJ Thrill, Cupid and others.

Everything you need to know about Bunny Bee.

Also known as Paul Brown, Bunny B was mostly known for bringing the hip-hop sound, dance style and rhythm of South Louisiana and Lafayette to the public’s attention. He bought several opportunities for Louisiana artists.

Bunny B was a member of Da Entourage (Photo by KiloManorada/YouTube)
Bunny B was a member of Da Entourage (Photo by KiloManorada/YouTube)

Cupid also called Zika B Legend 337 in a tribute to him on Facebook. Bunny was from Lafayette and graduated from Acadiana High School.

Bunny became an artist after facing difficulties in his life as he came from poverty and street life, and music was his solution.

Bunny’s music group Da Entourage consisted of him and his friends Twimas and Ellie Cat. The band rose to fame after the release of their second album.

Yes Entourage released their debut album Entourage Vol. 1, 2001. After their second album became a hit, they signed with Universal Music in 2003 and re-released their second volume, Entourage.

Since Bunny did not have a Wikipedia page, detailed information about his family and career is yet to be revealed.

Twitter users paid tribute to Zika B.

After the success of Da Entourage in the music industry, Bunny’s name became popular. Fans and celebrities paid tribute to the legendary artist on Twitter after the news of his death went viral.

RIP Bunny Bee is a true Northside legend.

Man RIP Bunny B 🙏🏾Northside / The Zip Legend Bunny Hop will forever be the Lafayette Anthem

RIP Bunny B. The Bunny Hop will always be a classic! Prayers for his family and friends ♥️🙏🏽

RIP BUNNY B. Must play the bunny hop several times. 🙏🏿🕊

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