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Who is ‘Survivor 41’ winner? 5 things to know about Erika Casupanan

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Erika Kasupanen was declared the winner. Survivor 41 on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old beat Deshawn Radden and Xander Hastings in the finale to win the $1 million cash prize after receiving the most votes from the season’s jury of former contestants.

Declaring victory, Kasupanen tweeted:

It is not clear what kind of curse he is talking about. However, she became the first Canadian contestant to win. A survivor She also became the first female winner of the title in six years. The final season 34 featured Sara Lakina.

5 Interesting Facts About Erika Kassupanen

U Survivor 41Casupanan has proven to be a strategic player who makes no noise but wins the race slowly and surely.

Born in Toronto, she is a communications manager by profession, and enjoys fitness and boxing. It certainly had all the makings of a winner. A survivor.

His biography on the CBS site mentions some interesting and amusing facts about him. Let’s see:

1. Kasupanan does not like men with bad genes.

2. She was involved in martial arts.

3. His goal was to pay off his student loans by age 30, but he did so at age 27.

4. He mentioned that his biggest success came from Survivor 41.

5. She loves pop culture.

According to her biography, Kassupanen was confident she would make it to the end of the game. she said:

“I’ve been manipulating since I didn’t know what manipulation was. I relentlessly follow my dreams. The big thing is that no one expects it because of my young face and short stature. Will do. I can see it through and I am confident in my ability to stand up for myself in the final tribunal.”

How did Casupanan win ‘Survivor 41’?

Survivor 41 There were five finalists – Kasupanen, Redden, Hastings, Rickard Foy and Heather Aldret.

In the finale, Foy uses her social skills to try to convince Hastings to save her using her “Idol of Immunity”. But he took advantage of it, leading to Foy being fired from The Jeff Probst Show.

This was followed by the immunity challenge given to the show by the final three contestants. As Hastings won, she had to pick a contestant to accompany her to the finals. Kasopanan made the choice.

Between Radden and Aldret, the former won the challenge; Thus, the last three were Radon, Kasupanan and Hastings.

Now it was the jury’s turn to choose the winner. Survivor 41. Kassupanen received seven votes, Redden one and Hastings no votes.

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