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Who is Sabine in Valorant?

In Valorant, Sabine’s name appears periodically in conversations between agents. Since Valorant doesn’t have an agent explicitly called Sabine, there’s been a lot of speculation in the community as to who exactly the name belongs to.

Last year, many in the community speculated that Sabine was Renan’s alias. On the other hand, many claimed it was Viper. There was even an opinion that Sabine was a new agent.

Finally, in the midst of all these views, the community has now settled the debate with a near-unanimous consensus. Based on a lot of evidence, the verdict is that Sabine is none other than Viper.

Valorant’s Viper is Sabine: Evidence

The most prominent evidence appears when two opponents are on opposite teams. He impatiently addresses his opponent’s self as Sabine. At the start of the game, Viper says:

“Sabin, Sabin. What were you doing there? I’m curious, but you don’t have to be alive to find out.”

Also, when another Viper is on the opposing team, she says exactly three seconds after using Poison Wall:

“I’m coming for you, Sabine!”

To reiterate, these two sounds are only heard when both teams have a Viper.

Among the other agents, Oman addresses Viper as Sabine. This line is heard when Viper is among allies, as Oman says:

“Don’t die here, Sabine. I need your secret.”

Also, data mining of this Omen voice line revealed that it is called “Play_VO_Omen_MatchStartAlly_Viper_0” in the game code. This would ideally reinforce the theory that Sabine is none other than Viper.

Another agent in Valorant, Sage, also has a voice line called “Delilah” by Viper. Since then, many in the Valorant community have assumed that Sabin’s full name is Delah Sabin, or Doc for short. Sabine.

Overall, Viper’s personality, as far as appearances in the game go, can be summed up as mysterious. Not much is said about its exterior.

Until Riot Games expands on more background knowledge about agents, curious Valorant lore nerds should be fed up with this limited information.

Posted March 29, 2021, 5:25 PM IST


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