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Who is Misty Mocha in GTA RP?

Misty Mocha was a character fondly remembered by many GTA RP fans, especially since Misty “Dowah Pig” Mocha passed away.

DovahPug was a beloved Twitch streamer known for his passion and commitment. Misty Mocha is a character who appeared in GTA RP.

Misty Mocha’s character was interesting, especially since she started out of nowhere. An anonymous GTA RP character who wakes up with little memory of how she ended up in San Andreas becomes a notorious Twitter user.

Unfortunately, DovahPug recently passed away due to complications from cancer, marking the end of Misty Mooch’s role. DovahPug will be sorely missed by the GTA RP community, so this article will focus on a few of his contributions to his most famous character, Misty Mocha.

Who is Misty Mocha in GTA RP?

A plaque honoring him and other NoPixel members (photo via GINX Esports TV)
A plaque honoring him and other NoPixel members (photo via GINX Esports TV)

At the start of her GTA RP journey, Misty Mocha was an unknown character who woke up without a collective memory of who or why she was in San Andreas. She was notoriously lazy, which made her the perfect “influence” on Twitter.

Just like Twatter GTA RP is the real world equivalent of Twitter, Misty was only apt to annoy a few other players. One of those players was Hannah Hilltop, played by popular Twitch streamer adeptthebest. Of course, he already pissed off many players with his behavior.

His relationship with Hina and other events

Misty vs. Molly (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
Misty vs. Molly (Image via NoPixel Wiki)

Although this angered Hannah initially, the two later ended their differences when Misty Mucha took a bullet from Tai for her. Before all this can happen, Misty will be the target of taunts from Hannah and her friends, who all try to damage the latter’s reputation.

Of course, none of this was as bad as Molly Minaj’s Misty Mocha for the simple fact that she paid so much attention to it. As a result, Misty developed PTSD, which eventually exacerbated her dissociative identity disorder, and made her more violent.

The last thing Misty Mocha did on GTARP (in Twitch’s video section) was talking to Bozo about a failed bank robbery and their mutual dissatisfaction with the cops.

Misty Mocha personality

Misty, it looks a little different than usual (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
Misty, it looks a little different than usual (Image via NoPixel Wiki)

At the beginning of Misty Mocha’s GTARP career, she was slow and quite mysterious. She would eventually become more confident, though she would develop a dissociative identity disorder shortly after Molly’s infamous attack on her.

This would backfire as she began to enjoy killing police officers. Also, Misty Mocha was known for her monotonous voice.

The Last Words of Duwah Puga (Misty Mocha)

While Misty Mocha may seem like an odd character at times, the series behind the GTARP character, Dowah Pig, was a favorite among the NoPixel community. His last official words were from the letter and can be seen…

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