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Which college did Jon Jones attend and was he roommates with Colby Covington?

Athletics is something that runs in your John Jones blood. He has been involved in one or the other sports since his school days.

After graduating as a state champion in wrestling from Union-Endicott High School in New York State, Jon Jones attended Iowa Central Community College, a public institution in Fort Dodge, Iowa, which has produced many successful athletes. Known as an alma mater for meter

Along with Jon Jones and many others, UFC welterweight Colby Covington is also a notable alumnus of Iowa Central Community College.

Jon Jones and Colby Covington were roommates at the institution. However, they both remember the number of days they spent together in the hostel differently. While Colby Covington once claimed that they had been together for two years, Jon Jones denied this and said it was only for one semester.

Still, they had fun together in college and probably had a better opinion of each other than they do now.

Whatever camaraderie Jon Jones and Colby Covington may have had for each other is clearly gone, given the shots they fired at each other as UFC fighters.

Jon Jones and Colby Covington on top of each other

Jon Jones is known for his anger issues. In a 2014 interview with Fox Sports, he recalled his student days. MMA Baked In the podcast, Colby Covington went on to say that Jones had such a reputation in college that he was known to throw people out of windows in a fit of rage.

“When you’re in a small town in Iowa, a lot of the kids are farm kids and they always wanted to start some stuff with wrestlers … She would always try to pick fights at our house parties and stuff. We’ll make room for the crowds of civilians. Especially Jon “He used to throw people out of windows and stuff. It was crazy. He had a bad temper. When he was angry, he was angry. is,” Colby Covington said.

On the other hand, Jon Jones has repeatedly made it clear that there is no love lost between him and Colby Covington. Jon Jones talked about him at a press conference before UFC 245, where Kambi Usman broke Kamaru Usman’s jaw in the main event in the light heavyweight division.

Jon Jones called Chaos a ‘common liar’ and a ‘really, really bad person’:

“Colby is a liar at the end of the day. He really is. He told fans that we were together for two years. We lived for a semester. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and a lot of people don’t. I I don’t consider myself a good person, but Colby is a worse person than I am. It’s real. It really is.”

‘Bones’ did not forget to point out that Colby Covington is not liked by some of the other MMA fighters who have spent a lot of time with him, such as Tyron Woodley and Jorge Masvidal.

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