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Where to find the new Marksman Six Shooter exotic in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite recently received the much-needed v16.40 update, and Epic has introduced exotic weapons after this update.

Fortnite announced a few days ago that it will release an update on May 11. After updating to v16.40, data miners opened Twitter to discover new content in Fortnite Season 6.

Data miners have revealed a lot of additional information regarding the update. The leak gave players an insight into skins coming to Fortnite, as well as unveiling a new POI.

The v16.40 update also saw the inclusion of a new exotic weapon in the game files. Popular data miner Hypex has taken to Twitter to reveal news about the Marksman six-shooter gun, which was added to the game after the v16.40 update.

This article will explain where to find the Exotic Marksman Six Shooter Pistol.

Fortnite Season 6: Where to find Marksman Six Shooter after updating v16.40

Exotic weapons are unique weapons and are more effective than usual in Fortnite. Players can exchange their gold bars to obtain this exotic weapon from certain NPCs in the game.

After updating to v16.40, Epic introduced the Marksman Six-Shooter Pistol as an exotic weapon for Fortnite Season 6.

To get the Marksman Six Shooter, Defects must find Deadfire on the map. Loopers can find an exotic weapon with it and turn it into gold bars.

Finding Deadfire can be tedious if players are unfamiliar with its location in the game. To encounter Deadfire, the looters would have to go to the sheriff’s office northwest of Lizzie Lake. Upon entering the building, players will see Deadfire, and a conversation with him will unlock a contract with the Marksman Six Shooter. Loopers will have to pay 400 Fortnite gold bars to get this exotic weapon.

The Marksman Six Shooter is an extremely effective weapon for close combat. He uses medium bullets and only needs 2.1 seconds to reload. Marksman Six Shooter can receive 6 bullets at a time and deal 24 damage with each bullet. The exotic weapon is expected to receive an additional bonus in the form of a headbutt.

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