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Where is the Wandering Bone Collector located in Destiny 2? 

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Location of a wandering bone collector (picture via Destiny 2)

Over ten distinct quests, each leading to a different exotic weapon, can be found in Destiny 2. The Guardians must triumph over substantial obstacles in order to acquire any of these weapons, ranging from light machine guns to hand cannons and everything in between.

However, in order to find a unique rocket launcher, players will need to collect “bones” that are dispersed around the moon. This will be a challenging task. These objectives are a part of the Symphony of Death task line, which offers a reasonably detailed explanation of the first two bone places that can be found.

Bungie’s third game has a significant flaw in that the game’s objective is not made abundantly obvious to the player. He only provides a single instruction, which is, “Collect from the travelling bone collector on the moon.”

Wandering bone collector and two other bone locations in Destiny 2

At the Anchor of Light on the moon, there is a bone collector who can be located. To get started, gamers of Destiny 2 will need to degenerate at the Sanctuary waypoint and then go in the appropriate direction. After then, the road will predominantly only go in one direction until you reach an intersection where it will again split into four separate paths. There is a bone collector who lives in the neighbourhood.

In the event that players are unable to locate it, waiting for two to three minutes will also assist in the creation of a creature. The bone collector is an important member of the hive and is identified by a ribbon in the colour yellow. Players won’t have much trouble killing Sam because he doesn’t wear a lot of armour, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for them.

Everyone should now have received the “Core of the Bone Collector,” a mission item that will aid advance the exotic quest for the Deathbringer.

Location of a wandering bone collector (picture via Destiny 2)
Location of a wandering bone collector (picture via Destiny 2)

Even though the step itself might look simple once it’s been completed, Bungie doesn’t provide any hints about where the bone collector is located. On the other hand, the community of Destiny 2 reacts fast in these kinds of situations, making it easier for fellow Guardians to finish their missions.

The other two objectives are not nearly as difficult as acquiring the bone marrow, which is the primary focus of this mission. The first bone may be acquired by participating in a public event that takes place in the Hellmouth region, and the second bone can be found in the lost sector of K1 Revelations.

“Sing them a lullaby of death and nothing more.” The bringer of death. It’s all in the name.

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