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When is Valorant’s Snowball Fight game mode going live?

The fan-favorite way to play Snowball Fight is now live in Valorant after fans expressed their desire to play in a holiday-themed way in the game’s first poll.

Snowball Fight is one of Valorant’s most popular limited-time events and has won everyone’s hearts by giving players an enjoyable deathmatch experience using benign weapons like the snowball thrower.

Decorate the hallways with snowballs and radishes. You voted, and we listened. This winter wonderland game is currently live till January 11, 2022. Thanks to everyone who voted in our Twitter poll.…

After receiving feedback from the entire Valorant community around the world, Riot Games made Snowball Fight live in Valorant, and players can enjoy the winter-themed event until January 11, 2022.

The limited-time return to Valorant is a golden opportunity for players to experience the action of fighting snowballs this Christmas season.

Snowball Fight returns to Valorant.

Here’s Riot Games’ first-ever survey of what limited-time events the community wants, and it’s gotten a lot of responses. From a choice between Replication, Snowball Fight and Escalation, the winter-themed event was chosen by the community as the winner.

A snowball fight in Valorant is basically a team match to the death that involves the use of a special snowball thrower that can instantly kill any player that hits it. However, the starter can be filled with snowballs one at a time to make the game experience less traditional fast death sword Valiant.

To make the gameplay more enjoyable for the players, Valorant has added several advantages or options to the game, such as bigger snowball size, higher movement speed, better firing speed and higher jump. All of these advantages are perfectly acceptable with the risk of disabling the agent’s abilities in a snowball fight, and make the gameplay fun in its own way.

With all these features of the limited Snowball Fight event in Valorant, it’s only natural that players want it back. Plus, the holiday season seems like a great time to enjoy Valorant while cozying up at home in the chilly winter temperatures.

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