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When is the 1st Anniversary of Genshin Impact? All you need to know

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Genshin Impact will be one year old at the end of September, and players can get big rewards during the anniversary.

Primogems are always accompanied by limited-time events, and a new leak suggests more of them than usual in the annual update. The exact rewards for Genshin Impact’s anniversary are not yet known, but players will certainly appreciate the free Primogems.

Most players will use Primogems to summon new characters, perhaps from the Inazuma region.

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Anniversary date and version of Jensen Impact

Genshin Impact’s anniversary will be on September 28th. The game gets a major update every six weeks, which means the anniversary should arrive in version 2.1.

According to reports, the anniversary will appear around the same time as the Monches festival, which has confirmed that kayaking will appear.

There are mostly rare details around birthdays. However, according to a reliable source, the players will have a lot more perks at their disposal.

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A lot of Primogema will be released for the anniversary of Genshin effect

According to Genshin Report, updating the anniversary of Genshin Impact, a popular resource, will offer great rewards. The update will reportedly include more than the standard rotation of banners and festive events.

Players can get a lot of Primogem for playing Genshin Impact during the anniversary.

Based on a tweet from Genshin Report, it looks like miHoYo will be quite generous in September. However, the information here is still quite vague.

Almost every time a limited event in Genshin Impact offers Primogem rewards, players will have to wait and see if that many Primogem properly qualify as “many”.

Some players have even speculated that they will receive a free character or weapon from Genshin Impact’s anniversary. The event was compared to the Lantern Rite Festival in the Wang Sheng Funeral Home controversy.

The event is one that famously gave a free 4-star Liyue character of the player’s choice.

It’s not out of place to reward a free character or weapon like the Festival of the Lantern Ritual on the anniversary of Genshin Impact. Many players are hoping for a free 5-star character from the event, which is totally unexpected from miHoYo.

Until there are more leaks, players should lower their expectations for any anniversary other than Primogems. Aside from tweets from Genshin Report, no leaks have yet suggested what the awards for Genshin Impact’s anniversary might be.

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