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When is Khamzat Chimaev’s next fight?

Khamzat Chemayev should return to the Octagon at UFC 267 on October 30. The Chechen fighter will face light heavyweight Lee Jungliang, who is currently ranked 12th in the division.

Cheema’s return will come after a one-year hiatus, which began last September after he eliminated Gerald Mershirt in the middleweight division at UFC Vegas 11. The dismissal of the Russian-born Swede began as a result of the COVID-19 infection, which gradually turned into a major health threat.

According to his former manager Ali Abdulaziz, Chemayev’s physical condition was rapidly deteriorating due to the long-term effects of the virus. He was forced to withdraw from several fights and at one point even considered quitting MMA altogether.

Khamzat Chemayev’s Instagram post clearly showed him hanging up the gloves. However, UFC President Dana White has denied the fact that the 27-year-old has retired from MMA.

White told the media in March that she wrote Cheema’s post in an emotional turmoil. White said there is no doubt Chimayo will return in 2021.

“You’re not supposed to train, but you know, this guy is wild. He wants to fight every weekend, and now he can’t even train, so he got emotional and announced, But he doesn’t give up,” Dana White said.

True, Dana White dissuaded Borza from thinking about retirement. At UFC 267, Khamzat Chamaev will have a chance to capitalize on the tremendous momentum he gained last year.

Who is Li Jungliang’s next opponent Khamzata Chimaeva?

Li Jungliang is a rising veteran who was last seen in the Octagon at UFC Fight Island 7. The Chinese fighter faced the return of Santiago Ponzinibeo and defeated the Argentine in the first round.

Watch Jingliang’s impressive finale below:

‘Leech’ has an impressive professional record of 18 wins and 6 losses. The 33-year-old has yet to suffer a KO/TKO loss in his UFC career.

Khamzat Chemayev will undoubtedly have to be on his A match at UFC 267 when he locks horns with his Chinese rival in Abu Dhabi.

Who do you think will win on October 30? Khamzat Chemayev or Lee Jungliang? Post in the comments below!

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