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When is Blastoise coming to Pokemon Unite: Release date, leaks and more

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Pokemon Unite players are just starting to experience the game, but are already looking forward to the additional content.

As of now, you can choose between Pokémon Pokémon Unite, but of course, some fan favorites are missing. The game will have future updates, including new characters.

For Venusaur and Charizard to start in Pokemon Unite, the original starter’s only evolution line is missing. Blastoise has already been confirmed for the game, but when is he coming?

Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon

There is currently no set release date for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite. We know that Blastoise and Gardevoir are the next Pokemon to join the list, but their release dates are still a mystery.

The only details given as to when it will arrive on Pokemon Unite are “it will be soon”. This could mean weeks or months after release, so no one really knows.

The game is free and Blastoise will probably not be part of any paid downloadable content. However, players may need to use a Unite license to unlock Pokemon. If they don’t have it immediately available, it can cost money.

So far, mobility and such sets have not been discovered. It can be assumed that Blastoise in Pokemon Unite will have some familiar moves like Hydro Pump, Retreat and maybe Skull Bash.

From the Pokemon Unite beta, a ton of skins for all Pokemon were leaked. 26 costumes have been spotlighted, and some are currently in play, proving the leak to be reliable.

Check out the artwork above. This is the leather that comes for Blastoise, and the line is an amazing artist. It’s great, but it disappointed the fans a bit because they expected more.

There have been many calls for an alternative Squirtle Squad format. Of course, Squirtle will get sunglasses, which will also allow the evolved forms of Wartotal and Blastoise.

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