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When Amanda Serrano’s trainer was suspended for ‘unacceptable behavior’ during first Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley event

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Jordan Maldonado is the coach, manager and son-in-law of Puerto Rican boxer Amanda Serrano. Maldonado’s notoriety in and out of the boxing ring led many to believe that he was a very controversial figure in the world of martial arts.

In September, the Ohio Athletic Commission suspended Jordan Maldonado for six months for ‘disrespect’ during Amanda Serrano’s fight against Yamalith Mercado on Showtime PPV. The event on August 29 was headlined by the first fight between Jack Paul and Tyron Woodley.

The Ohio Athletic Commission suspended coach/manager/son-in-law Amanda Serrano for 180 days last month for her behavior with Yamlith Merced. I’m not sure how that will actually affect her given that she won’t be fighting in Ohio anytime soon.

Although Serrano successfully defended his WBC/WBO light heavyweight title that night, the celebration somewhat affected Maldonado’s defiant attitude. Maldonado apparently insulted Serrano’s opponent as well as his players in the corner between rounds during the fight.

Even after the fight ended and Mercado was undergoing treatment for a cut during the match, Maldonado allegedly insulted him. Mercado later interviewed Ernesto Amador where he said the following about Maldonado:

“Starting in the middle of the round, [Maldonado] He would come to the center of the ring to yell at me, tell me that I was a coward, that I was a ‘pendeja’… When the fight was over, he came to our corner and told our coaches. That they were ‘mericons’, that I was rubbish, and lots of insults. My coaches felt threatened and I decided to leave the ring, we didn’t stay to talk … when we were in the locker rooms it was decided that I needed medical help because of the cuts … I went to the ambulance with the paramedics. I went while my team packed my suitcases, and when I got to the ambulance, Maldonado came up to me and started attacking me, calling me a coward, an idiot, and more. (H/T – Color)

Amanda Serrano will reappear on the Battle Map as Jack Paul.

Amanda Serrano is one of the best boxers in the world right now. She looks to maintain her dominance in the squared circle when she takes on Mariam Gonzalez in the Jack Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 co-main event this weekend. This will be Serrano’s second consecutive fight on the Jack Paul title map.

If Serrano defeats Gonzalez tonight, she will likely fight undisputed women’s lightweight champion Katie Taylor next year in a potential blockbuster showdown.

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