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What moves will Dragonite be using in Pokemon Unite?

Dragons will launch Pokémon Unite on December 15, 2021, but a sneak peak of its moves has already been leaked.

Dragonite has been in Pokemon since its first generation. This would be the all-rounder, which was initially a character that only a few Pokemon had, but since the arrival of Tasrin that number has increased.

At first glance it seems that Dragonite will have access to several unique abilities that can keep it healthy as well as deal damage.

The new versatile Pokemon in the MOBA

Dragonite’s moves were previewed in Pokemon Unite by El Chico Eevee, who gained a reputation for gaining early access to Pokemon Move Sets. Similar information was leaked to Sylveon and Deciduey before their release.

Dragonites will have two responsibilities: one when it starts out as a dratini and dragonire and another when it evolves into a dragonite.

In its first two forms, it will have Marvel Scale, which increases the Pokémon’s defense when it is ranked. Like Dragonite, it will gain Multiscale, which reduces the amount of damage it takes. These responsibilities will cool down after a while.

Dratini will have a very unique fast attack. Every third time he uses his basic move, he will spray water that heals some health. When it evolves into Dragonair, it will receive a new electric attack that will paralyze the enemy.

Like dragonites, they’ll get an attack that accelerates fire and deals extra damage. Then it will mix between these three effects.

Dragonites will arrive just in time for the holiday season (Photo by TiMi Studios)
Dragonites will arrive just in time for the holiday season (Photo by TiMi Studios)

Dratini will be able to choose between two moves: Twister and Dragon Breath. Twister summons a whirlwind that will slow opponents after a hit. Dragon’s Breath is a blue flame that accelerates Drutini’s next attack if it hits him.

When evolving into Dragonair, he can choose between Dragon Dance and Extreme Speed. Dragon Dance increases attack speed and movement speed, along with damage, as it is used in the main series. Extreme speed seems like a simple run that does damage.

When he finally becomes a Dragonite, he gains two of the most powerful moves in Pokémon history: Hyper Beam and Rage. A hyper beam is a bundle of charges that spreads across the ground and envelops its target. After that the user cannot work for some time.

When a dragonite uses a provocation, it stomps the ground and then starts running wild. While wild, all of his basic attacks are accelerated. After this attack, even Dragon Hill will not be able to.

Finally, Dragonite’s Unite move seems to be a mixture of bees and Draco Matters at the same time. The Pokemon jumps into the air, and when it lands on its target, it drops several meteors, dealing tons of damage.

This measure also has an absurd limit. Dragonites can use it for their primary purpose and…

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