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What Is Inshot Pro App?

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Are you still struggling to find the best video editing app that can offer you everything in one place? If yes then no need to struggle much. You can use the Inshot app for video editing purposes. It is one of the most reliable and best video app that can be used for all kinds of video editing tasks. Those who don’t want to spend their money for the pro version should just download it.InShot Pro Mod Apk. Thus, you can use premium features without wasting a single penny. how does? Enough.

How to use Inshot Pro app?

It can be a bit complicated to use for newbies. But don’t worry. Because we are here to guide you.

How to add an image:

Here are some easy steps by which you can add image in this app.

  • Open the app. You will have access to the interface.
  • Then click on the photo option.
  • If you don’t want to change the orientation, leave it as is. This will be set to a default orientation of 1:1.
  • You will see blur on both sides of the image. If you want to enlarge the image, click the arrow below the image.

How to add a video:

Adding video to In-Shot is a little different. Let’s take a look at it.

  • You cannot create videos using this app while you can import videos into it for editing. Just open the app. And click on video option to import video.
  • If you don’t want to import the entire video, you can trim it by clicking the scissors icon.
  • If you want to cut a part from scratch, cut it from left to right. Similarly, cut it from right to left as you want to cut it last.
What is the Inshot Pro app?

What are the features of the Inshot Pro app?

If we talk about the features, inshot pro apk has countless number of features. Let’s read about all of them.

  1. Video Processing: Speed, Delete, Duplicate, Precut
  2. The canvas
  3. Rotate, trim, freeze, and reverse.
  4. The filter
  5. Adjust.
  6. Retouch
  7. Effects
  8. Error
  9. beats
  10. to spoil
  11. style
  12. to celebrate
  13. Stickers
  14. The text
  15. Music
  16. Volume
  17. Setting

Now, it’s time to read all these features in detail.

  1. Video Processing: Speed, Delete, Duplicate, Practice:

From the Speed ​​menu, you can increase or decrease the video speed. If you want to delete some sections from the video, click on Delete options. By clicking the Precut option, you can trim or cut the video. If you want to repeat certain sections, click the Duplicate menu.

With the Canvas option, you get more orientation options. You can also change the background of the video.

  • Rotate, Trim, Freeze, and Reverse:

From the Rotate menu, you can rotate the video image. Crop menu is for cropping video or photo. If you want to freeze any section, go to the freeze menu. To reverse a section, click the Reverse menu.

From Filters, you can choose a lot of filters for your photo or video.

From the Adjust menu, you have some other photo editing options like saturation, warmth,…

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