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What is Hulu? Pricing, plans, and everything else you need to know

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When most people think of the oldest streaming services they think of Netflix, but Hulu launched just a year later in 2008. Despite never expanding outside of the US territories, it’s one of the top streaming services with movies, shows, and even an extensive library. Live TV.

The launch of Disney Plus puts Hulu in an unusual spot because it’s majority owned by Disney, but it still offers a unique service with some great original content like The Handmaid’s Tale. It is not available outside the US. Instead, Disney Plus decided to add more mature content to international markets alongside its Star brand, including content previously created exclusively for Hulu.

So what is Hulu and is it worth the subscription fee? We answer these questions and more in this comprehensive guide.

Want to try the service for yourself? Get a free 30-day trial at the link below, or take advantage of the great value Disney Plus-Hulu-ESPN Plus bundle for $13.99 or $19.99 a month.

What is Hulu?

What is Hulu?

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Hulu is an on-demand video streaming platform that has been around for over a decade. It is one of the best and largest streaming platforms in the United States with over 39 million subscribers.

For many traditional cable subscribers, Hulu also represents a great alternative to cutting the cable. Not only does it have a huge library of nearly 2,500 movies and more than 40,000 episodes of thousands of TV shows, but it also has plans to stream live TV through the Hulu + Live TV program (coming soon). More).

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One controversial aspect that separates Hulu from most of its competitors is its use of advertising. The cheapest plans (and bundles) feature in-content advertising, similar to what you’d see on network television. Paying for the service and still seeing ads can be frustrating for some users, but it helps keep the price down.

For those who don’t want to see any ads, they have to pay double for the privilege. Unlike many other streaming services, you can also pay for premium add-ons individually for unlimited simultaneous streams, TV channels and more.

What is Hulu Plus Live TV?

What is Hulu Plus Live TV?

Hulu TV, or Hulu + Live TV, refers to subscription plans that include 60+ cable TV channels in addition to the standard streaming catalog. This is basically the best plan for reluctant cord-cutters, as it allows you to watch many of the same channels without a year-long commitment or installation and cancellation fees.

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The cheapest Hulu + Live TV plan runs $64.99 a month, which is already more expensive than most streaming services. However, it includes advertisements on both Hulu content and TV channels. Local channels are usually included in the plan, but additional channel packages can also be purchased for an additional fee.

Hulu + Live TV is the best plan for reluctant…

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