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What did Jessica Maiolo do? Paintball player removed from Team USA after TikTok video goes viral

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USA paintball player Jessica Maiolo was kicked out of the team by Tik Tok after a video of her embarrassing a young man suffering from Covid went viral on the internet. In the since-deleted clip, the 39-year-old professional athlete mocked the Miami footballer who spent ten days in hospital with the virus.

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The controversial Tik Tik showed Myola in front of an information channel explaining how David Espinoza was admitted to the hospital with the virus. His mother regretted not vaccinating the 17-year-old earlier as a serious illness could have been prevented.

Jessica Maiolo showed no sympathy for the sick patient and made “fatphobic” and “anti-vaccine” statements on the Internet:

“Ma’am, your child doesn’t need a COVID vaccine. Your child needs a treadmill. He needs this.”

A clip of Maiola attacking Spino circulated on the internet, with the internet calling him a “bad guy”, “cruel”, “evil” and “disgusting”. They showed no sympathy for him for spreading misinformation about the vaccine.

Jessica Maiolo and the US paintball team react.

The USA Paintball team, which is not affiliated with the Olympics, released a statement on Aug. 10 saying it was cutting ties with the player.

The team responded to Jessica Maiolo’s questions via a TikTok video via Instagram, saying:

“Our investigation into Ms Maiolo’s troubling behavior has been completed and we have decided to remove her from the team indefinitely.”

He also said:

“Playing for Team USA Paintball means representing the sport at the highest level and being a leader on and off the field. We are an eclectic mix of cultures, opinions and ideas – and that’s what makes our sport so great. We We cannot destroy each other, both inside and outside our community. We hope this serves as a valuable lesson to all who pay attention.”

Jessica Maiolo also issued an excuse for her actions on Instagram. The title of the video is:

“I am deeply sorry for the attention I have given to this family.”

In the video he wrote:

“What started as me expressing my personal opinion about something I feel passionate about, turned into a moment of regret over the situation in which I had placed my teammates, sponsors and the sport. Like what I love.”

She added that she never intended to shame any individual and that her response to the patient due to COVID stemmed from her assumption that people believe they “should be the way they are.” There is little hope that they will stay healthy and take control of their health.”

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