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What are Kamaru Usman’s career earnings?

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman is one of the most dominant fighters on the roster right now.

The 170-pound titleholder hasn’t lost a single fight under the UFC banner. He became champion in March 2019 and has since defended his belt four times – once against Colby Covington and Gilbert Burns, and twice against Jorge Masvidal.

His reputation gradually grew along with a growing bank balance. As of August 2021, according to, Kamaru Usman earned approximately $3,594,500 as a UFC fighter.

The said total amount includes base salary, winning bonus, performance bonus and in-fight incentive pay. The stakes for the PPV have not been announced.

He earned the biggest payday for Kamaru Usman with his last win at UFC 261. He faced Jorge Masvidal for the second time in the first event to continue the audience tour. The fight took place in Jacksonville, Florida.

The pair first fought at UFC 251. Jorge Masvidal won the fight in short order. The fight ended without much fanfare. ‘Gamebred’ was unable to muster the strikes as Kamaru Usman pinned him against the fence and landed clinch punches for most of the five-round waste.

UFC 251: Usman - Masvidal
UFC 251: Usman – Masvidal

However, the second fight was a completely different matter. Both fighters had full training camps, and Kumara Usman traded blows with Masvidal on the feet.

In the second round, Kumara Usman landed a crushing right arm that sent Jorge Masvidal unconscious to the canvas. The ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ landed a hammer blow and the referee came in to end the fight early.

The fight earned Kumara Usman the Performance of the Night bonus. He took home $692,000 in earnings.

What will happen next to Usman’s room?

The long-awaited rematch between Kamara Usman and Colby Covington should headline UFC 268, the UFC’s return to New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

The first fight between the bitter rivals took place at UFC 245. The absolute barnburner, which UFC president Dana White claimed was the best fight, saw Usman and Covington at odds from the start.

Both hunters are exceptional on the ground. However, neither attempted a takedown in the nearly 25-minute fight.

Osman outshot Covington 175-143 and scored two knockdowns during the fight.

In the final moments of the last shot, Kamaru Usman tightened the right flank which fell victim to ‘Chaos’. Usman continued the games and won the fight by TKO at 4:10 of the fifth round.

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