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Home » Welcome To ‘Elfland’: 8-Year-Old Somerville Boy Builds Miniature Community In Vacant Lot

Welcome To ‘Elfland’: 8-Year-Old Somerville Boy Builds Miniature Community In Vacant Lot

SOMERVILLE (CBS) – Welcome to “Elfland,” a small community in Somerville in the middle of nowhere.

“Elfland” has a library, a hospital, and even an ice skating rink. The site has a lot to offer, if not enough to enjoy.

There is a gas station in use and has been in use for two years. “Elfland” went pop. I only saw one night,” Somerville resident Lena Warnke said.

“Elfland” is the work of an eight-year-old local boy with the help of his parents.

“I have seen great hidden signs,” said the boy.

His father added, “Our son saw elves begging for help to build houses, and so we started building houses.”

Now that the place has brought a colorful and quirky family, there’s a lot more fun to be had.

Eight years after Elfland began construction, community members continued to add to the space. (WBZ-TV)

“I think it’s wonderful. I think it’s a good thing in the Somerville community to provide housing for our citizens,” said resident Ben Cuba.

The second landmark “Elfland” was established 600 years ago, but buildings and houses only began to be built that August, and a small village has grown since then.

“I observed. I saw it growing. I went by a few houses, and I thought it was a really beautiful idea,” said Somerville resident Annette Claw.

“We like the fact that they add something and feel like it’s part of something that they can take as well. Not only our family, but the whole community enjoys and includes the founder’s mother. Is.

As for the lot’s future, the developer has proposed building the largest human-owned building, which a planning panel will hear next month.

Now the young founder of Elfland has one goal.

“I hope it makes people happy.”


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