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Home » Watch: Jose Aldo calls out T.J. Dillashaw after emphatic win over Rob Font at UFC Fight Night

Watch: Jose Aldo calls out T.J. Dillashaw after emphatic win over Rob Font at UFC Fight Night

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In the main event of UFC Vegas 44, Jose Aldo took on the fourth-ranked contender in the bantamweight division of Rob Font.

While Jose Aldo wants to make a bid for the bantamweight title, he currently has another opponent in mind. Aldo has revealed that he would like to fight TJ Dillashaw in his next outing if he is not yet an option to win the title. Calling out ‘Lieutenant Dana’ in his Octagon interview after the fight, Jose Aldo said:

“First we want to fight for the title. But we don’t know what’s going to happen with him, so (TJ) Dillashaw is here. That’s all he said, so I want to fight Dilshaw. He could be my best opponent next. “

Watch Jose Aldo challenge TJ Dillashaw below:

Jose Aldo and Rob Font square off in the main event of UFC Vegas 44. After fighting each other in the second round, Aldo had Fonta on his back during the main part of the third round.

Both fighters were covered in blood in the championship rounds, and Aldo’s fuel tank looked a little rusty. While Font had his moments, Aldo was able to hurt him multiple times and spent most of the fight in top control. The victory will certainly bring Alda one step closer to the bantamweight title he is looking for.

Jose Aldo is back on UFC gold.

Jose Aldo has ruled the UFC lightweight division for a significant portion of the past decade. The ‘King of Rio’ has since moved up to bantamweight and is eyeing another UFC title.

Although Aldo agrees that he may not be fighting for the title yet, he is not ready to stop until he is. Compared to light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira, Jose Aldo recently told reporters:

“It shows me that I’m capable of winning this title. Two more steps to get there. It just shows me that I can be champion tomorrow. Now the division is a little weird so I think if I can I’m not going to go straight to the title if I win the fight. I have one more title shot. If you look at Glover Teixeira, I’m still a kid. I want to keep it going and I’m not going to stop until I don’t get this title, and I will continue to fight at this high level.”

Watch the full interview with Jose Aldo at the UFC Vegas 44 press conference:

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