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Home » Watch: Jake Paul appears to drag fire truck in latest training video for Ben Askren fight

Watch: Jake Paul appears to drag fire truck in latest training video for Ben Askren fight

Jack Paul made a video of himself apparently pulling a fire truck as part of a training session in front of his boxing sword against former UFC welterweight Ben Skrein.

The professional boxer-turned-internet celebrity will step into the ring on April 17 in a long-awaited match against Screen, a former U.S. Olympic team member and career MMA champion.

In the video posted on his Twitter account, Jack Paul is associated with a fire truck, which he is allegedly towing on the road. The YouTuber has also promised to knock out Askren in the first round.

“I’m literally two trucks. Ben Skrein is eating Oreos right now. April 17th. Knocked out in one lap,” Jack Paul wrote.

After Skrein gave up on his Olympic dream, he became an MMA welterweight champion in two fighting organizations, ONE Championship and Bellator, before joining the UFC.

However, ‘Funky’ did not have the same success in the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion, losing two of his three fights there.

Jack Paul, on the other hand, is an actor and internet personality who decided to take up boxing a few years ago. He began his professional sports career against fellow YouTuber, AnEsonGiba.

Jack Paul’s second fight saw him defeat former NBA star Nate Robinson in 2019 against Roy Jones Jr. via violent knockout under Mike Tyson.

YouTube then decided to board the big flights, challenging MMA fighters like Dillon Danis, Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

However, Ben Screen eventually accepted the invitation. Although ‘Funky’ has a respectable and successful track record as a mixed martial artist, martial arts fans have never appreciated his boxing abilities.

Many fighters, fans and analysts believe that Jack Paul can surprise the world and defeat Screen, who has competed in professional wrestling for most of his career.

Jack Paul vs. Ben Screen undercard

Jack Paul v.  Anson pocket
Jack Paul v. Anson pocket

Thriller, the entertainment and music platform responsible for promoting wrestling, argued that the event would revolutionize the world of martial arts forever.

Promising a veritable spectacle with musical attractions and other surprise features throughout the event, Thriller Night also brings a number of exciting pairings to the subcard.

Three battles will complete the battle map of events. Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir will take on boxing legend Antonio Tarver in the night’s main event.

As for the other two fights, billionaire Joe Fournier will take on reggaeton musician Raccoon, while Regis Progress returns to action against Ivan Radkach in a singles match with two active professional boxers.

Posted March 16, 2021, 5:57 AM IST

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