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Watch: Comparing Bruce Buffer’s legendary, ‘It’s Time!’ fight intro now to his old UFC intro

Bruce Buffer has been announcing fights for the UFC for so long that it has become synonymous with the biggest MMA promotion in the world. Over the years he’s spent in the UFC, Bruce Buffer’s approach to introducing fighters to the Octagon has undergone several changes.

In a recent YouTube video, BT Sport compared Bruce’s first night in the Octagon to Israeli middleweight champion Adesanya’s recent performance at UFC 263. See how the ‘Sound of the Octagon’ experience has changed over the years:

Bruce Buffer made his Octagon debut at UFC 8 in 1996, and was led by Ken Shamrock and Camo Leopoldo. 25 years later, Bruce remains the UFC’s most used announcer to this day.

When will Bruce Buffer retire?

Bruce Buffer has long been a big name in the martial arts business and it looks like he will continue to be so, at least for a while. At 64, he hopes to continue announcing fights for at least another decade. Unveiling his retirement plans, Bruce Buffer told in a 2020 interview:

“I’m very modest in everything. I deal with passion, everything I do is with passion, that’s why I publish it the way I do. When that passion starts to fade, Which is not my case, yeah, then I’ll probably announce it’s time to retire. But I’d say you’re stuck with me for at least another 10 years. I’m in great shape and in great shape. Living. Doing what I do.”

Despite a career spanning more than a quarter century, Bruce Buffer argues that he has to prove himself every time he steps inside the Octagon. Buffer continued:

“Every time I step into the Octagon, I always give 150 percent. I’ve said it many times, every time I go out on Saturdays, those are the nights I have to prove that I deserve the job. When I’m with two great fighters in Stipe (Miocic) and DC (Daniel Cormier) without an audience, even when there’s 50,000 people in the arena, when the introductions are made, it’s just me and the fighter. Just the moment. Make it better.”

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