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Walmart’s incredibly affordable 4K Android TV box just got even cheaper

Launched by Walmart 4K-capable streaming box It was released earlier this year under the Onn brand, and surprisingly, it was actually quite good. It’s $20 off Google’s latest Chromecast, while offering excellent picture quality and performance. These two are the two most important elements of a TV based gadget. It was already comfortably in the “impulse buy” zone, but if you’ve been waiting for further declines, your time has finally come.

Onn’s 4K-capable streaming device costs just $20, and it looks like this isn’t a temporary discount. Nine to five Google). Price cuts are standard at Walmart, but the original MSRP is completely gone. With the new listing, this particular Android TV device is the cheapest 4K set-top box we can sell today. Must purchase for one room or additional bedroom.

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If you’re still struggling to pick up Onn’s box, for example Chromecast with Google TV. Worth revising our review. It’s a great way to stream all your favorite movies if you run out of remotes. It also has full support for the Play Store, perfect for installing your existing game and app libraries.

Walmart also has a 1080p streaming stick on sale, shown for just $15. This seems to be a more traditional sale, so don’t be surprised if it rebounds after a day or two. If you’re having trouble deciding which product to buy, we recommend the 4K model. Even if you haven’t upgraded your TV recently, consider this a future investment for just $5 more.

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Did you know that a Paramount Plus exclusive is because new original content continues to stream to the subscription service? Paranormal activity Movies drop in a few weeks? – It is able to be stored on more devices. If you prefer one of the two, use the link below to select one (or several).

shopping: Walmart (4K model), (1080p model)

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