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Home » Video captures moment grandfather was hit and killed at Brookshire truck stop

Video captures moment grandfather was hit and killed at Brookshire truck stop

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BROOKSHIRE, Texas (KTRK) – The family of a Brookshire man says he was hit and killed after a stop-and-go crash that led to his death.

Reginald “Reggie” Smithers, 56, was struck while walking in the Brookshire Flying parking lot on September 3, 2021. Where he is taking a ride to work in the morning.

The video shows an 18-round looking Weaver pulling into the stables. The driver, identified as Bobby Lee Calhoun Jr., got out, according to an interview with Brookshire police, which is when he thought he was hit by Smithers.

Admiral Calhoun explained in a videotaped statement, “I turned around and walked in front of the car and I turned around. He moaned, ‘Oh my God, how did he get there?’ And I said, don’t move.

Smithery, who had 11 children and 34 grandchildren, was drawn at 65 paces.

“It’s as bad as I’ve ever seen it in my life,” said Sean Tracy, an attorney for the Smithers family. “They [Smithers] He was alive. He knew what would happen to him.

The video shows Calhoun back in his truck and back up, revealing Smithers’ body. Smithers was dead by the time police arrived.

Calhoun was very cooperative. According to the police report, the officers were believed to be impaired. The Smithary family points to another problem.

“I hope to shine better and maintain some standards so it doesn’t happen again,” said Christian Allen, Smithery’s daughter.

As a result, Smithary’s children are now requesting the arrest of a guard. They believe it is better to keep the signs down because pedestrians in a busy car lot could have been killed. Calhoun raised concerns during the interview.

“The country is dark. Very dark,” the police said.

Sadly, Calhoun has passed away.

“This 18-driver pilot was inspired by a car shooting,” Tracy said.

Flying J’s attorney did not respond to ABC13’s request for comment. The trucking company, PBH Priority Express Corp. K’s attorney, who was also named in the lawsuit, did not respond. In a response to PBH’s lawsuit filed with the Harris County District Clerk, Smithers said the company “failed to exercise the level of concern that a reasonable person would have acted in the same or similar circumstances” and “generally denies all these allegations”.

Smithary’s family and his lawyer say the guard truck shined a light at the entrance. They say they went there fast.

“I just want justice for my father,” Allen said.

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