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Valorant Episode 3 Skye nerfs can actually be a major buff for the Initiator

Brave is coming Patch 3.0 brings many changes to the overall game. These changes will drastically change the targeting caused by nerfing agents and change the way the economy works in the game.

Balancing agents play an important role in competitive games, including Valorant. Developers spend hours perfecting and improving everything to keep the game running. This is something that every competitive game developer has in mind to satisfy the players.

It is well known by now that Wright decided to raise utility prices and lower gun prices. This decision will undoubtedly have a big impact on the game when the patch hits the live servers this Tuesday.

Changes to Skye in Valorant

Valorant made some changes to its players before the next update. Some of them are visible and some are hidden. One of them was developing Skye, which threatened this balance.

Skye’s utility costs increased by 50 credits each, making Trailblazer 250 points (originally 200) and Guiding Light 150 (originally 100). And not only that, Skye can now carry two Led Light charges, which was originally limited to three charges. All of this stuff sure looks like a Nerf on paper. But that is certainly not the case in this situation.

G2 Lothar, aka Jakub Szygulshi, recently posted a tweet revealing Skye’s hidden modifications that could make Skye more aggressive than it should be.

As can be seen from the clip, this hidden change is not very noticeable at first glance. But on closer inspection, Sky’s animation flashfires. This is similar to Viper’s Toxic Screen ability, which can be activated without any additional animation. Allowing him to exercise his charges without interference.

Sky’s Pop Animation (Image via Riot)

Previously this pop animation caused hiccups when activated while shooting. Removing this animation allows Skye to use her flashes on command without being limited to temporary weapon use.

However, it remains to be seen whether this small change will have a bigger impact than expected. Until then, Skye’s nerf will surely be a notable change in the next part of Valorant.


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