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Home » Valorant Champions 2021: Match between Vivo Keyd and Acend will be replayed today with a seven-round penalty

Valorant Champions 2021: Match between Vivo Keyd and Acend will be replayed today with a seven-round penalty

Riot’s statement against Vivo Kid in their Group A match against Acendo sparked further outrage among Brazilian fans. With Riot’s decision, Vivo lost the match against Keyd Acend and entered the elimination ranks. Riot then decided to review it and has now announced that the 3-match ticket will be repeated.

A 15-minute break in the match between the Sentinels and Furia Esports was troubling the Brazilian community Valorant. The fans felt that an unusual break spoiled the momentum of Furia Esports that could have caused an earthquake against the Sentinels.

Valorant Champions 2021 was surrounded by several controversies which eventually became a headache for Riot Games. There have already been cases where riots broke out because a player took advantage of a mistake.

The replay between Vivo Keyda and Acenda will take place on Day 5 of Valorant Champions.

Update: After further review, we replay the match between Acenda and VK at the start of today’s broadcast with Acenda leading 7-0. Read the competition verdict here:

After speaking with Acend, Riot announced that they had decided to rematch Vivo Keyd with a seven-round penalty before the match began broadcasting on Day 5.

The judgment in TL states; Doctor:

Yesterday we released a competitive decision to use the map by Vivo Keyd and lose four wins in a match against Acenda, resulting in Acenda winning 13-9. After further review, we determined that they should have lost three rounds, which would have made the score 12-10 in Acend’s favor without either team winning the map. After talking to Acend, we’ll replay the match at the start of today’s broadcast with Acend leading 7-0 (to account for the six rounds that included the exploit and one round of Econ Penalty).

The map in question was exploited on JhoW, Vivo Keyd’s Cypher, Breeze’s A site. This is a known mistake that Riot punished two other teams for earlier in the VCT.

During a 3-series map between Acend and VK, Jonathan “JhoW” Gloria from Vivo Keyda violated the VALORANT rule of global competition policy. Read more:…

Riot’s first reaction to the issue meant that Vivo lost to Keyd Map 3 Acend, and thus the match. The developers then announced that they would discuss it and then make this new decision.

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