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Home » UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal launches bareknuckle MMA organization, announces first event date

UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal launches bareknuckle MMA organization, announces first event date

Jorge Masvidal begins promoting the fights by announcing the launch of the ‘Gamebred Fighting Championship’, a bare-knuckle MMA organization co-founded by Masvidal and Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA. According to Jorge Masvidal, the first GFC event will take place on June 25 in Miami, Florida. The scene is unknown.

Jorge Masvidal posted the news in a recent Instagram video and revealed details about it in the caption. More details about the organization are yet to come. However, the ‘game bread’ motive behind the project refers to the need to satisfy fans’ hunger for the ‘toughest’ battles.

‘Great news for true wrestling fans like me and the one and only @anuel brings you the toughest fights we can think of in bare bones MMA. True, there are no uniform rules for gloves, and the first fight will take place on June 25 in Miami. Each fighter will be equipped with the clothes of Anuel, which means “truly death” in English.

Apartment fighting is an ancient form of martial arts that involves fighting without protective gloves. Although still a small presence in today’s world of martial arts, bare-knuckle wrestling in the United States has seen a slight resurgence in the form of championships in bare-knuckle wrestling. The visual impact of barefoot wrestling is much more grueling than other forms of martial arts. Absence of protective gloves results in increased incidence of facial lacerations among the players involved.

News of Jorge Masvidal’s bare-knuckle offer comes after Masvidal’s upcoming rematch against UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman on April 24 and a title fight at UFC 261, Masvidal losing the first fight by unanimous decision in July 2020.

Jorge Masvidal is looking for the next combo slice.

Before becoming a professional MMA fighter, Jorge Masvidal competed in a street fight that became popular with the late Kevin Ferguson, better known by his nickname, Combo Slice.

Masvidal recently took to Twitter to announce the launch of Gamebred Fights, an online library of videos of street fights deemed sensitive on popular platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Speaking about the launch, Masvidal said he will be going around the world in search of the ‘next combo slice’, which now looks like a talent hunt to compete in the GameBrad Fighting Championship. Jorge Masvidal said:

“We’re all going around the world looking for the next best Street Fighter … find the next combo slice, relax. Let’s do it. If you want to sign up, you know where to go.” George Masvidal said.

Posted on April 23, 2021, 4:41 AM IST

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