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Tyron Woodley’s career earnings: How much money has ‘The Chosen One’ made in his UFC career?

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Tyron Woodley’s career earnings are estimated at $4,874,425 according to various sources. According to Celebrity Net Worth, ‘Chosen’ has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

While fighting for the UFC, Tyron Woodley’s earnings depended on who he was fighting and what title was next. Woodley made his debut with Strikeforce in 2009, where he was paid $3,000 ($1,500 for show, $1,500 to win) for a match with Salador Woods.

As T-Wood’s reputation as a fighter gradually grew, so did his fight purse. The highest paid fight of Woodley’s early career was against Jordyn Man in 2012. Tyron Woodley, riding a seven-game winning streak, earned a split decision win and $60,000 ($30,000 for show, $30,000 win).

Tyron Woodley’s earnings have nearly doubled since the UFC took over Strikeforce, culminating in a title defense against Darren Till at UFC 228. With a second-round win over Till, ‘The Chosen One’ took home $US590,000 ($500,000). 50,000) nightly bonus performance, incentive payment in the amount of 40,000 USD).

Tyron Woodley has yet to make the most money.

Although T-Wood is considered one of the best welters of all time, the UFC cut him four fights in. Tyron Woodley now needs to face legendary boxer Jack Paul, which will result in a massive fight pouch for the former UFC champion.

Revealing that it will be more than any UFC payday, Tyron Woodley recently said:

“Easiest fight of my career and biggest purse of my career in one night. Anyway, they brought me in to pick up the trash. I can’t wait to shut that b*tch up. It’s almost for culture. Yes, the entire MMA/boxing community, to get rid of this guy from the fight sports.”

Woodley’s agent Maliki Kava also confirmed that his earnings from the fight are guaranteed to reach seven figures. Speaking to MMA Fighting, Maliki Kava told Damon Martin in a recent interview:

“Yeah, he pays really well. It’s one of the best deals I’ve ever had. Great job, he gets a big base number, he makes a worldwide pay-per-view. He’s got a multi-million dollar income. Gotta go with that. His base guarantee is already in the millions, but with everything else added, it’s a really good payday.”

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