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TWRP 3.6 arrives with Android 11 support and faster install process

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TWRP, also known as TeamWin Recovery Project, is a custom recovery that you use if you want to flash your Android phone by installing a custom ROM or kernel. It has been around for years and supports a variety of devices. The last major TWRP release was announced earlier this year. Almost a year later, Team One released another major update: TWRP 3.6. Apart from adding new features, this release adds full support for devices running Android 11.

Until now, using TWRP for flashing purposes on devices with A/B partitions has been a complicated process requiring the user to first boot into recovery using the fastboot command before flashing with another command. Is. TWRP 3.6 simplifies this process with a new option to install a currently booted recovery. Also, it now handles dynamic partitions better, so you need to protect it from cracking and decryption problems on some devices. There is also an option to disable and unmount all dynamic partitions for troubleshooting purposes.

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The latest TWRP release adds support for many new devices including Redmi Note 10/Pro, Google Pixel 5, OnePlus 8T/9/9 Pro and ASUS ROG Phone 5/5s. Team One has taken a year to support Android 11, but we believe they can add support for Android 12 relatively quickly due to fundamental changes to their codebase.

TWRP 3.6.0 Changes

Android 9 branch:

  • correction

    • SAR update script name for clarification – CaptainThrowback

    • Fix building toolbox in android-7.1 – CaptainThrowback

    • Fixbash – Jarl Penguin

Android 11 branch:

  • Install Area/OPPO OTA – Added support for Ctapchuk.

  • Update custom makefile for golang module – big beef

  • Seppolicy Update – Neighborhood, Big Beef, Captain Throwback

  • Cryptographic update for A11 – bigbiff , micky387 , CaptainThrowback

  • Vendor kernel module loader – big beef

  • Virtual A/B Update – Big Beef

  • Merge snapshots – Big beef

  • Repacker Warning – Captain Throwback

  • Edit f2fs format – systemad

  • Symlink dynamic partition on boot device – Mohammad Faraz

  • correction

    • Fix get_args parsing to clear cache.

    • Fix Item Vendor – Mohammad Faraz

    • Samsung Haptic Fix – soulr344

    • Digest check fix – epicX

    • Fix Ozip Decryption – Ctapchuk

    • How empty is it to change…

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