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Home » Trump-Supporting Cowboys Leave Black Waitress Powerful Note and a Hefty Tip to Back It Up

Trump-Supporting Cowboys Leave Black Waitress Powerful Note and a Hefty Tip to Back It Up

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When a group of Trump-supporting cowboys strike up a conversation with a very liberal black woman, there’s little need to see sparks fly. But stick to stereotypes.

Even for the polarizing moment in January 2017, when Jason White from Texas and his cowboy-hat-wearing friend sat in a Washington, D.C., restaurant’s liberal worker jail and a Women’s March attendee waited on them. was Rosalind Harris, it is possible to eliminate the Gulf fans who Americans like to think are unapproachable.

The restaurant visit became a national story as the Texans left Harris with a $450 tip on an order that only came to $72.60.

He also left a note with her.

“Our cultures may be different and we may disagree on some issues, but if everyone shares their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people. No idea.” . No gender. Just Americans. Good on you!” the note said.

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It was not a smooth ride in the beginning. Ang Texans felt a bit out of the crowd at Busboys & Poets.

Do we need to celebrate each other and stop criticizing each other?

“We started looking around. I told my friend, ‘You’ve got to take your hat off. I don’t want people to think we’re here to show Trump stuff. We’re just here for lunch.’ Coming up,” White said, according to TODAY.

Texans are in town for former President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Harris entered. And people act like people.

“He started laughing when we said we were from West Texas, and he said, ‘I can tell you’re from the South,'” White explains. “I said, ‘What’s your favorite thing on the menu?’ The avocado panini is delicious, and I love avocados, so I got it… it was a relief for both of us. It’s lunch now.”

All the applause about people not being sympathetic disappeared in that moment, White said.

“We talked like normal people, not white, not black, not Trump supporters, not black waitresses,” she said.


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Harris said he enjoyed Breath of Truth.

“You automatically assume that if someone supports Trump that they have thoughts about you,” he said, according to the Washington Post.

“But [the customer was] More of a hugger than some of my more liberal friends, and there was real authenticity in our exchanges. It really changed my perspective. Republican, Democrat, Liberal are all sub-categories we are experiencing. It gives a lot of hope. “

“Everything is intense. The note was very touching and unexpected, and then of course the biggest part was definitely the amount of tip he left,” she said, reported TODAY.

The conversation received a notice…

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