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Top AEW star dedicates Full Gear match to Eddie Guerrero

CM Pink will battle Eddie Kingston at Full Gear in one of the most emotional and anticipated clashes in AEW’s recent history. This match was called 15 years in the making. The match channels the two men’s history from when CM Punk was a top independent wrestler.

CM Punk dedicates this match to Eddie Guerrero for AEW Complete Equipment.

“This is for Eddie tonight,” tweeted CM Punk.

November 13, 2005 was a dark day. It marked the death of Eddie Guerrero. The same date in 2021 will be the last pay-per-view for the AEW calendar year.

Trouble between the two began when Crazy King interrupted an interview with Second City Saint during AEW Mayhem. A sensational promo was exchanged between the two that added a lot of excitement to their upcoming match.

CM Punk is a known fan of Eddie Guerrero and continues to dedicate his second AEW pay-per-view match to the Latino hat. CM Punk and Eddie Guerrero share a history in a squared circle. The pair have fought each other several times in the IWA Mid-South and the International Wrestling Cartel. Some of their matches also included AEW’s Rey Mysterio and Colt Cabana.

AEW’s CM Punk recently shared Eddie Gorer’s story.

Wow, this story about CM Punk and Eddie Guerrero, 😢Eddies feel about this story about 16 years old, but the truth is that I still love him more and more through stories like this. I get respect… what a man is!

CM Punk recently shared an honest story about Eddie Guerrero. The story was about one of the matches that Eddie Guerrero refused to win because CM Punk was the champion.

“I come into the building and say ‘I’m so happy for you.’ The promoter comes in and gives us time, and by the way Eddie is the Intercontinental Champion. So I’m not knocking Eddie Guerrero. I think I was the IWC Champion at the time. Eddie says, ‘No, I’m your champion.’ Can’t beat’. I’m nervous now, I have to go, I thought it was thirty minutes with Eddie. I thought it was selfless of him. Number one, fill the reservation. A lot of people don’t. will do. Number two, say ‘I don’t want to beat you. I’m not coming here next week, next month. It’s you,'” CM Pink said.

Eddie Guerrero is one of the most influential wrestlers of all time and his death will always be a tragic loss to the wrestling world. CM Punk and Eddie Kingston are set to bring the house down at AEW Full Gear and that would be the best possible tribute I could pay the former WWE Champion.

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