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Top 5 streamers who have competed in the Minecraft Championships

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The Minecraft Championship is a series of events organized by Noxcrew. It involves ten teams of four competitors competing in eight different mini-games of the participant’s choice.

Many different participants were seen coming and going during these tournaments. Some returned to compete in more tournaments, while others never looked back.

In this article, we’ll count down the top five contestants or streamers who earned a spot in the MCC Hall of Fame.

Top 5 Rivals in Minecraft Championship

5. Dreams

(Image via Dream on YouTube)
(Image via Dream on YouTube)

Clay “Dream” has taken the Minecraft world by storm with his skills and his appearance at the Minecraft Championship is no exception.

Although only once before, singles, it’s still an impressive feat. Some competitors who have been competing in these tournaments for years have yet to place first individually or overall.

He currently holds the top records for: “Sky War: Most Wins,” “Parkour Warrior: Most Courses Completed,” and “Legacy: Parkour Warrior: Most Courses Completed.”

4. Hbomb94

(Photo by Hbomb94)
(Photo by Hbomb94)

Liam “Hbomb94” Heneghan has been competing in the Minecraft Championship since its 2019 debut.

He has been on three winning teams and is currently tied with Brandon “PeteZahHutt” Clement for most overall victories in the Minecraft Championship.

Liam currently holds the record for “Global: Most Event Wins,” “Games of Survival: Most Eliminations,” “Bingo, But Faster: First Finish,” “Race Race: Fastest Lap of Python Crypt” and “Race Race: Fastest end to Python crypt”.

3. Techno Blade

(Ary jester_u on Twitter)
(Ary jester_u on Twitter)

Dave “Technoblade” is a scary, scary opponent to cross in the middle of the tournament. It’s no surprise that he holds many records in the Hall of Fame, and is also known as one of the best players in player vs. player battles in Minecraft Championship history.

He has been participating in the events since the second tournament and has consistently participated in each one.

Technoblade holds records for: “Snowbolt: Most Landings”, “Skyblock: Most Eliminations”, “Sky War: Most Eliminations”, “Survival Games: Most Eliminations”, “Survival Game: Most Loot Drops”, “Legacy: Ace” Race: Fastest Circle of Clouds, “i” Legacy: Ace Race: Fastest Cloud Completion. “

4. PeteZahHutt

(Image via PeteZahHutt on YouTube)
(Image via PeteZahHutt on YouTube)

Brandon “PeteZahHutt” Clement is another competitor who often repeats in the Minecraft Championship.

It is known to be the strongest and most consistent competitor in terms of results. He has placed no lower than the top five individually in every tournament he has competed in. He also holds the individual record for most podium appearances.

Brandon currently holds the records for: “World: Most Wins in Events”, “World: Average Coins in Events”,…

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