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Top 5 Pokemon to Gigantamax in Sword and Shield

Gigantamaxing is a unique ability that is only available to select species of Pokemon.

While the only changes that would normally occur when Dynamaxing are increased HP status and a change to stronger moves for each type, Gigantimaxing is a step through with a unique and even stronger move for each type of Pokemon. Goes forward. So when evaluating Gigantimaxed Pokemon, the effects and power of their moves are important.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

What are the best Pokemon for Gigantamax in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

#5 – Meowth

Gigantamax Meowth (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Gigantamax Meowth (Image via The Pokemon Company)

This is an odd but incredibly useful choice for a Gigantamax Pokemon. Meowth that Gigantamax may sacrifice his ability to be able to fight the Persians, but receives an incredible reward in the form of the G-Max Gold Rush.

This move replaces all normal Meowth moves. Be it specific or physical, it turns into movement. G-Max Gold Rush is used in combat to damage and confuse the opponent, which is already a nice effect.

However, the move’s true potential is only revealed after the battle is over for Gigantamax. Since the amount earned depends on various factors, G-Max Gold Rush gives the player a small amount of Poke wealth after a battle (up to a maximum of 99,999 for each battle). This also applies to amulet coins and other similar effects, which result in the player receiving an unreasonable amount of cash.

#4 – Hatters

Gigantamax Hatterene (Image via Pinterest)
Gigantamax Hatterene (Image via Pinterest)

Hatterene is a popular and decently capable Pokemon, making its Gigantamax a prime candidate. However, its signature is what puts it ahead of other Pokemon in this spot.

G-Max Smite is already defeating, dealing a lot of damage based on Hatterene’s already terrible moves and crippling a special attack (usually). However, if the opposing Pokémon manages to avoid Heatron’s attack, they will find themselves confused.

Confusion isn’t as good after Generation VII as the chance of Pokemon killing themselves has decreased. However, it is still a tiring effect that can be combined with other status effects to turn the tide of battle in the player’s favor.

#3 – Dreadnought

Gigantamax Drednaw (Image via
Gigantamax Drednaw (Image via

Drednaw is unexpectedly high on this list due to G-Max’s moves, G-Max Stonesurge. Despite its name, this move replaces all of Drednaw’s Water-type moves, not Rock-type moves.

Although it will deal significant damage to the opponent’s Pokemon as a G-Max move, the main purpose of using G-Max Stone Surge is to deal damage while setting up a free Stealth Rock. If Drednaw manages to call an opponent with this move, it means the opponent will immediately move to a field full of Stealth Rock and have no chance to remove it.

Under the right conditions (and hopefully a lack of opposing Grass-type Pokémon), Gigantamax Drednaw is a…

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