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Top 5 most watched GTA RP streamers on Twitch in May 2021

The five most-viewed GTA RP streamers on Twitch are mostly Hispanic, quite amusing.

Generally, GTA RP fans associate the game with English audiences, but only one is in the top five for English audiences. As some of the “Most Viewed GTA RP Streamers” can be objectively checked by viewership hours, this list will rank these five GTA RP streamers via Twitchmetrics. Remember, this list is based on Twitchmetric numbers. Someone like xQC can reach those numbers, but it’s not listed by the metrics.

Specifically, these five GTA RP streamers will be ranked by total number of watch times. The difference between the top GTA RP streamers and the bottom is often sharp, but interestingly, the first on this list gets twice as many watch hours as the fifth. Also, technically it’s rated based on GTA 5’s rating on Twitch, but all the best streamers are playing GTA RP, which falls under the umbrella of GTA 5 on Twitch.

Five Most Watched GTA RP Streams on Twitch in May 2021

#5 – Rubius (6,164,115 hours of viewing)

Rubius at the event (Photo via Esquire)
Rubius at the event (Photo via Esquire)

As the first of three Spanish Twitchers, Rubius is a Spanish-Norwegian YouTube person who has become the 42nd most subscribed YouTube channel in the world. He is the 4th most followed Twitch streamer, right behind Canvas, Tefu and Ninja.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we see him at number five even though he’s barely played GTA RP so far. This month, she mostly played Resident Evil Village, but her fame makes viewers want to watch everything she does. He plays the role of the Marbella Voice Server, which will be discussed a bit more in entry number three.

#4 – Sykkuno (7,888,498 watch hours)

Yuno Sykk, character Sykkun (Image via NoPixel Wiki)
Yuno Sykk, character Sykkun (Image via NoPixel Wiki)

As the only English streamer on this list, Sykkuno is the most recognizable name to some reading this article. Most GTA RP fans should know that his character in NoPixel is Yuno Sykk, and he is known for his kindness and sometimes cheeky behavior.

As for typical GTA RP streamers, Sykkuno is loved for his ability to entertain his audience in a cool and funny way, often without the little drama that some other GTA RP streamers are known for. are Anyone looking for an update on what Sykkuno has been up to in NoPixel should check out the NoPixel Wiki.

#3 – juansguarnizo (8,960,943 hours watched)

Juansguarnizo (Image via Pinterest)
Juansguarnizo (Image via Pinterest)

juansguarnizo is another Spanish streamer, third on the list. He’s a pop streamer who does a lot of just chatting, but he recently played GTA RP. Specifically, it runs on a Spanish GTA RP server known as Marbella Vice.

Marbella Vice has its own official Twitter page and is generally considered one of the most popular GTARP servers. It has 420.1K followers on Twitter, which is an impressive number for a GTA RP server.

As for juansguarniz, he is a pretty…

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