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Top 5 most memorable side missions in GTA San Andreas

The side missions of GTA San Andreas are some of the most popular aspects of the game.

Of course, not everything needs to be improved. Something like supply lines… remember how frustrating new players are.

Still, some of the side missions, like breaking the bank in Caligula, are remembered for how terrifying they were.

This list will not include vehicle missions or other small side missions of GTA San Andreas. Instead, it will only include side missions that the player receives from other named characters.

According to this number, there are 14 side missions in GTA San Andreas, which is enough for such a list.

The five most popular side missions in GTA San Andreas

#5 – Penetration Wounds

This is the only mission in the entire GTA San Andreas where a player can drop spikes like the police officers normally do. These spike strips work as usual, which makes the premise of this mission quite interesting.

Caesar wants to get Stratum, but the driver is too quick and smart to get him out of the car. CJ then comes up with the idea to use pointed tape and everything goes according to plan.

#4 – Dam and Explosion

Dam and Blast set up Breaking the Bank in Caligula very well. Here the Chief Justice placed explosives on some generators inside the Sherman Dam. However, they are not eliminated during this mission, as they are instead initiated during the robbery at Caligula.

However, this mission uses a location that the player has no reason to visit. Watching CJ jump off the dam in the final scene is also a terrifying moment, especially since he was not injured at all during the jump.

#3 – New Army Model

Disgusting popular opinion, no need for mission zero. All are classified as optional missions, which in turn create side missions that a player can do if they want extra money.

In the case of the New Model Army, the CJ RC calculation helps Zero Berkeley win. Zero drives an RC Bandit and tries to drag it into the Berkeley base, but it has RC Tigers and obstacles in its way.

Fortunately, CJ can easily deal with these issues, helping them acquire new assets in the form of zero RC.

#2 – Breaking the Bank in Caligula

He will definitely remember the epic heist in any GTA game. In GTA San Andreas, the final mission of the Triad is to break into the bank near Caligula where CJ and crew rob the Caligula Casino.

This is where the former explosives planted in Dam and Blast come in handy, as they allow CJ and the gang to shut down the power to the casino. From there I can use night vision to navigate…

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