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Top 5 Grass-type moves in Pokemon GO

Knocking Grass has never been known for its durability in Pokemon GO. However, this weakness has no effect on the strength of grass-type moves.

This list will specifically refer to numbers that refer to PvP, not PvE. There is not much difference between the two, but some movement performance may differ.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

What are the best grass-type moves in Pokemon GO?

#5 – Bullet Seed

Bullet Seed (Image via GameFreak)
Bullet Seed (Image via GameFreak)

Bullet seed is a rapid movement of the grass that produces the most energy, releasing 11.8 energies per second.

The damage it does is downright pathetic with only 4.5 DPS. However, the amount of energy generated with each use makes it worth it.

The sheet can be used in just 3 seconds with this move. In contrast, the powerful Solar Air can be charged in just 9 seconds. In either case, the opponent’s Pokemon will take serious damage in a very short amount of time.

#4 – Sheet List

List of Lists (Image via GameFreak)
List of Lists (Image via GameFreak)

It’s a charge move that doesn’t hit hard, but comes out at lightning speed, taking weaker or weaker Pokemon out of the game before they have a chance to resist.

A lead knife requires only 33 energies. It may only have 29.2 DPS, but with terrible defense against Pokemon or a quadruple weakness against Grass, it can be absolutely devastating.

#3 – Strong whip/knot for hay

Strong Whip (Image via GameFreak)
Strong Whip (Image via GameFreak)

These two moves are basically the same, the only difference being the type of Pokemon that can teach them and their damage window.

These are overall decent charging tricks. They offer 34.6 DPS and only require 50 energy. Some players may consider them inferior versions of the Frenzy Plant. However, given how specialized the frenzy plant is, it’s good to have reliable spare parts for permanent damage.

#2 – Sun rays

Solar Beam (Image via GameFreak)
Solar Beam (Image via GameFreak)

Solar radiation is an absolutely destructive charging measure. His base strength is 150, which is pretty bad.

Solar beams require 100 energy to recharge, and the duration of this movement is extremely long. However, it’s hard to find something that has a single 1-hit shot in this move.

#1 – Mania Plant

Mania Plant (Image by Ashmam on Deviant Art)
Mania Plant (Image by Ashmam on Deviant Art)

This move is considered to be the best charging move available for each Pokemon that can teach it (both attack and defense). In other words, it’s simply the best Grass-type move in Pokemon GO.

With 38.5 DPS and only requiring a ridiculous 50 energy to use, Frenzy Plant hits hard and ridiculously fast.

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