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Top 5 Centers still available in 2021 NBA Free Agency

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2021 NBA free agency has already taken several important steps.

The LA Lakers have added Carmelo Anthony to move Russell Westbrook to DeMar DeRozan, who also found a new home with the Chicago Bulls. Several free agents have already decided their futures for the 2021 deadline, and centers like Richaun Holmes, Jarrett Allen and Nerlins Noel have decided to re-sign with their current teams in recent days.

Nonetheless, several big centers are still available in NBA free agency in 2021, and several big players are expected to decide their futures in the coming weeks:

2021 NBA Free Agency: Top Five Centers Still Available

NBA free agency gives teams the opportunity to add potential veterans whose contracts have expired or players who have negotiated buyouts with their current teams and are seeking a trade. are Kemba Walker is the latest All-Star caliber player to sign with the New York Knicks. Among the top centers now available as free agents, DeMarcus Cousins ​​is another player who recently signed with the Houston Rockets before playing for the LA Clippers on a full-season deal at the end of the 2019-20 season. had left:

#5 Isaiah Hartenstein

Hartenstein was added to the Cleveland Cavaliers rotation after being involved in a trade that included JaVale McGee with the Denver Nuggets. He averaged 8.3 rebounds and six points for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 16 games despite starting just two games.

Hartenstein was benched by Jarrett Allen, who the Cavaliers retained for the upcoming season. After all, judging by the numbers, he’s never been better in the NBA than the Cavaliers did, and is one of the best centers available to sign right now.

#4 Frank Kaminsky

Frank Kaminsky also couldn’t keep his starting spot in the 2020-21 NBA season, though for completely different reasons. He was part of a Phoenix Suns roster that went to the NBA Finals and was a replacement for a certain Rudy Gobert during the season.

Phoenix Suns - Atlanta Hawks
Phoenix Suns – Atlanta Hawks

He has started a total of 26 games over the past two NBA seasons, playing 15.2 minutes per game this time and is a decent versatile scorer who should improve if his minutes increase. Kaminski averaged 6.6 points, four rebounds, 1.7 assists, while shooting 53.1 percent overall.

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