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Top 3 Mk II GTA Online weapons that are incredibly powerful

The vast arsenal of weapons on the GTA Internet has left players with absolutely no choice but to choose their method of chaos. From launching fireworks to sci-fi guns, GTA Online has it all. At the top of the pile is the Mk II weapon. Able to carry a wide range of modifications and unique types of ammunition, the Mk II weapon is the ultimate upgrade to treat players to. Here’s a look at the top three Mk II weapons that can change the battle for GTA Online players in an instant.

Top 3 Types of Mk II Weapons in GTA Online

3) Mk II shotgun

The Shotgun MK II Pump is one of the most powerful weapons that players can have in their inventory. Equipped with explosive charges, the Mk II shotgun really pulls off its impressive range, capable of taking out unarmored cars in a single shot. In 1v1, the Pump Shotgun Mk II explosive bullets allow players to push enemies into the open by shooting them close to their cover, causing Ragdoll to be drawn out of his hiding place.

2) Bullpup Rifle Mk II

The bullpup rifle is nearly perfect without the MK II upgrade, but adding bullets makes the full-metal jacket an absolute killing machine. For those out of the loop, full-metal jackets do more damage to vehicles while they can pierce bulletproof and bulletproof vehicle glass. Dealing with hidden enemies in an armored vehicle in GTA Online became an absolute breeze with the Bullpup Rifle Mk II.

1) Heavy Sniper Mk II

Heavy Sniper Mk II is the ultimate match for the power struggle of GTA Online’s free mode. Capable of firing explosive shots, the Heavy Sniper Mk II is perhaps the most powerful weapon in the game in the hands of a right-handed player. Capable of taking down helicopters in 2 shots, the Heavy Sniper Mk II balances ground-to-air combat and gives infantry players a much better chance of survival. The final selling point of the Heavy Sniper Mk II is the possibility of hitting the pusher once directly from the air.

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