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Top 3 Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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Trainers will have many Legends to catch Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Generation IV is famous for being home to many legendary Pokemon. Not only did he present the dragon mascots (Dialga, Palkia and Giratina), but he also represented the Lake Trio (Uxie, Messpirit and Azelf). Several others have been featured in the Sinoh region, and more legendary ones have recently been announced by Ramanas Park.

Note: This list will confirm the legend of Platinum Sanoh Decks and its presence in Ramanas Park.

What are the best legendary Pokemon you can catch in Generation IV Remake?

3) Loggia

These legends will be exclusively Pokémon Shining Pearl players. While most legendary Pokemon are known for their attacks, Lugia is a more defensive presence. Plus with 130 defense and 158 special defense forces, it’s hard to find a better decisive presence.

Lugia is also lucky enough to learn a calm mind through a normal level. Since it can deal a lot of damage, Lugia is free to use Calm Mind against most Pokemon.

He can then deal all the damage he took, and then choose one of his powerful moves: Aeroblast, Psychic, Earth Power, Hydro Pump, etc.

2) Rewards

Palakia Pokemon will be on top of the spear pillar in Shining Pearl (Image via Niantic)
Palkia Pokemon can be found on top of the spear pole in Shining Pearl (Image via Niantica)

It looks like Pokemon Shining Pearl owners will be luckier in terms of Legends. All three dragons are exceptional in the final game of Generation IV, but Palkia only stands for a small part.

Water and Dragon are one of the best type combinations in the game. He just has to take care of fairies and opposing dragons. It also seems like GameFreak took most of the strong special moves and gave them to Palkia. He can learn Flame Thrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump and at least half a dozen other valuable moves.

The last point in Palkia’s favor is a better move. Dialga’s detectable move is Roar of Time, which is basically a dragon-type hyper beam. Must be refilled after use. Special Rand, although powerful, does not need to be charged.

1) Rayquaza

Rayquaza was the mascot of Pokemon Emerald (Photo by Niantic)
Rayquaza was the mascot of Pokemon Emerald (Photo by Niantic)

This is one of the biggest offensive threats in Pokemon history. Rayquaza was already a high-level threat when it was released in Generation III. However, in the Generation IV remake, he will likely get Dragon Ascent, one of the best flying moves in the game.

However, what really makes this Pokemon stand out is Dragon Dance. Very few Pokemon will want to take a +1 Attack +1 Speed ​​Raikows attack, and those that can take a hit don’t want to take Dragon Ascent.

Edited by Sejo Samuel Paul.

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