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Home » Tom Brady has fun with Patriots fans in new cryptocurrency ad with wife Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady has fun with Patriots fans in new cryptocurrency ad with wife Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady is currently enjoying life to the fullest. Brady featured in his latest ad after starring in the opening night win on the field against the Dallas Cowboys. In June, Brady became a shareholder in bitcoin company FTX.

Consequently, it surprised no one that FTX released a new commercial featuring Brady and his wife, Gisele. The commercial aired during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ win over the Dallas Cowboys.

In the commercial, Brady pokes fun at his now ‘ruined’ relationship with Patriots fans. In the commercial, Brady is trying to convince his friends and colleagues to join FTX. The quarterback convinced fireman Ed, a notorious Jets fan, to join the growing bitcoin company.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner thought about calling someone named ‘Bill,’ but decided not to. The last call was from a Bostonian who listed Brady as a ‘traitor’. The two chatted as Brady tried to take the man to FTX.

“The fans hate him, and they’re not going to take him back,” the Bostonian told Brady. Brady responded by saying, “Yes, you will.” The Bucs quarterback mocked the Patriots and their fans by stating that no matter how upset they are with him, he would bring him back in a heartbeat.

Tom Brady is having fun in a new commercial.

Since he left the Patriots, Brady seems to be enjoying and enjoying this stage of his career. The commercial pointed this out. Coupled with the epic Super Bowl party that Brady and the Bucs threw, it feels like we’re seeing a new Brady.

Not that any of that is distracting Brady from his ultimate goal: winning. He is poised to return for his 22nd NFL season to win another Super Bowl.

Tom Brady made his 300th regular-season career start against the Cowboys, and he looked his best. No. 12 threw for four touchdowns while shredding the Cowboys’ secondary.

The freedom Tom Brady is enjoying in Florida is allowing the veteran to enjoy life away from the field. In turn, this makes him happier, more relaxed and much more confident. Brady is living life without pressure, and his play is proof of that.

If Tom Brady continues to shine in primetime games, we may see more commercials promoting FTX. Given that everything Brady touches is successful, it may be time to jump on the trade bandwagon.

The Bucks jumped on the bandwagon, and it earned them a championship. It might get them another one.

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