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Home » ‘They Are Built Kind of Similarly’: Police Admit Mistaking Brian Laundrie’s Mother for Him During Escape

‘They Are Built Kind of Similarly’: Police Admit Mistaking Brian Laundrie’s Mother for Him During Escape

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According to recent reports, police inadvertently let Brian Laundry slip their fingers shortly before he went missing.

A spokeswoman for the Northport Police Department acknowledged Monday that Florida police mistakenly mistook the fugitive’s mother for laundry and instead continued. Laundry Supervision – Follow it instead, helping to make laundry escapades easier.

“They were evenly matched,” Northport Police Department spokesman Josh Taylor told WINK-TV.

Taylor told WINK-TV that his department “started tracking Brian” after the death of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito.

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Police saw Laundry driving to her parents’ house in Mustang on Monday, Sept. 13, and then observed what they believe was her return to Mustang on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

As it turns out, the person coming home in Laundry’s Mustang was not Laundry herself, but her mother, Roberta.

However, on Thursday of this week, Northport Police Chief Todd Garrison became convinced he knew the location of the laundry, saying “all I can say is we know where Brian Laundry is.”

When Laundrey’s parents reported their son missing on Friday, police realized they had made a mistake.

Did the Florida police let Brian Laundry slip through their fingers?

“They came back from the park with this Mustang. So who’s doing it? Right? Like, if you think your kid’s been missing since Tuesday, you bring his car home. So it’s not. Made. Feel like anybody would do without it,” Taylor said, according to WINK-TV.

“So the person who came out with the baseball cap we think was Brian.”

The story of Brian Landry and Gabby Petto made headlines for weeks after the disappearance and subsequent discovery of Petto’s body. On October 20, remains, bags and notebooks believed to belong to the laundry were also discovered.

Later, the FBI confirmed that a comparison of dental records confirmed that Lobby was actually at the laundry.

The discovery comes at the end of a week-long search for the laundry involving federal, state and local authorities.


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The search began shortly after Laundry went missing on Sept. 14, two weeks after the 23-year-old returned home alone from a cross-country road trip he first took with Petto.

As Laundrey returned home to her parents without Pettitte, speculation about her possible involvement in his death began.

Despite her passing, Landry remains a person of interest in the case of Gabby Petto’s death.

It is possible that Laundry is still alive to answer questions if he is not on the run from the police.

This article originally appeared in The Western Journal.

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