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Home » The missing weapon from Brian Laundrie’s parents was not made public due to a “frantic environment,” the family’s attorney says.

The missing weapon from Brian Laundrie’s parents was not made public due to a “frantic environment,” the family’s attorney says.

Experts say timing and environmental factors play into Brian Laundry's investigation.


Landry’s parents, Chris and Roberta Landry, were surrendering their weapons to law enforcement on Sept. 17, the same day they reported their son missing, when they realized there was no gun in his holster. , Bertolino told CNN on Friday. He said the family immediately consulted with police, including the FBI and Northport, Florida police.

When asked why the information about the missing weapon was not shared publicly, Bertolino told CNN that he and law enforcement agreed that “it was better not to make that information public.” Go.”

“With the weirdness of the time, if the audience thought Brian had a gun,” Bertolino said. “I can’t explain why (law enforcement) didn’t disclose the information, but we talked about it at the time and I think they felt the same way I did.”

CNN has reached out to the FBI for comment. North Port police did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

Laundromat disappeared from his parents’ home in Northport a few days after Petto disappeared. The couple had been traveling across the country for the summer in a converted van before returning home without a load of laundry on September 1.

Police admitted that investigators mistook Brian Landry's mother for him when they looked at his home.

The laundromat disappeared days after Petto was reported missing, sparking a multi-state investigation and the attention of social media sleuths. Petito’s remains were found in Wyoming on September 19, and her death was ruled a homicide by strangulation.

Meanwhile, authorities focused their search for Laundry on Florida’s Great Nature Preserve, where her remains were finally found on October 20. Bertolino said Friday that he did not know if any weapons had been found near Brian’s remains or property.

Although Florida’s 12th District Forensic Office confirmed that Laundry committed suicide, the office said it would not release an autopsy report “until the law enforcement investigation is complete,” the office said in a statement. I said.

The circumstances that led to Petito’s death remain a mystery. The FBI named her fiancé a “person of interest” in her murder, but did not face charges in her death. He was indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly using two accounts that belonged to someone else in the days after Petto’s death.



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