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Home » The Healing Power of Friendship Achievement in Minecraft 1.17 version: All you need to know

The Healing Power of Friendship Achievement in Minecraft 1.17 version: All you need to know

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Friendship Healing Power Screen (Image via VidGamiacUnlocked)

On June 8, 2021, Moyang released the most recent update for Minecraft, version 1.17, which included caves and cliffs. The latest update to Minecraft Bedrock includes three new achievements for players to earn. Unlocking them all will result in the player receiving a total of 30 gamerscore points, with one of them being for the “healing power” of achieving friendship.

The adorable new monster that was recently added to the game, the Axolotl, is required in order to unlock the achievement.

Along with shiny squid and goats, axolotls were one of the new animals introduced in the Caves and Cliffs update for Minecraft version 1.17. Axolotls are non-hostile monsters that populate the deeper parts of the ocean as well as new caves and other areas with low light levels.

This new amphibian route cannot survive being out of the water for more than five minutes at a time.

Minecraft achievement: The healing power of friendship

Friendship Achievement Healing Power Screen (image via VidGamiacUnlocked)
Friendship Achievement Healing Power Screen (image via VidGamiacUnlocked)

In order to unlock this achievement in Minecraft, players will need to work together with an axolotl to vanquish any mob. It might not seem complicated at first, but there is a catch.

It is not enough to simply vanquish one monster; in order to unlock this achievement, players need to vanquish a second monster after receiving a regeneration effect from assisting the axolotl in vanquishing the first monster.

How to easily complete the healing power of achieving friendship in Minecraft 1.17?

To begin the battle against the horde, the players must first locate an axolotl. Players can obtain a bucket of axolotl by using a bucket of water on an axolotl, and then using that bucket of axolotl later on near an enemy water mob to release it.

The next step is for them to locate at least two more water mobs just like the ones that drowned. Finding a drowned person can be difficult and take a very long time, so a quicker way to do that would be to find a zombie and keep it in the water until it turns into a drowned person. This would be a much better option than searching for a drowned person directly.

After the zombie has been transformed into a drowned man, the player can use the axolotl bucket to position the axolotl close to the body of the drowned man. The drowned man is required to deal damage to Axolotl, but the player is expected to deliver the knockout blow.

The player will now have the ability to regenerate as a result of their assistance to the axolotl, and the achievement can be unlocked by the player killing another person who is drowning. However, players have reported that in order to achieve this achievement, they need to repeat the process multiple times. This makes the achievement a little more frustrating than it should be.

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