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The Google Pixel 6 Pro gets the JerryRigEverything teardown treatment

NS Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro It has already been disconnected from the camera several times. In fact, many pre-launch cycles for this phone leaked with full disassembly, and we’ve seen more professional post-launch disassembly. Overview of PBK. Now JerryRigEverything’s Zack has cracked open the Pixel 6 Pro to get a closer look inside the phone.

The video shows that repairing the screen is easy. With little heating required, place the suction cup against the phone’s display and carefully slide the lifting tool between the screen and the phone’s body, and it pops out in one piece. Disconnect the ribbon cable that connects to the rest of the phone. , and this is a complete transaction.

But taking the rest of the phone apart isn’t easy. This is because there is too much glue holding everything together and the ends get in the way. But it’s good to know that the screen isn’t that hard to replace since it’s the part most likely to break over the years of ownership.

Overall, the 6 Pro performed better in JRE than previous Google flagships. Zack previously performed a general durability test on Google’s latest phones, and tried to bend the phone in half as usual. You can see our range spoiler warning even though you’ve never seen it – it’s held in place with a polished aluminum frame that helps keep it in one piece.

It’s good to see that Google’s new hardware is as durable as its own. We hope this will be a trend that the company carries over to the next generation.

Samsung will no longer check the Galaxy S21 Android 12 beta before the official launch.

Android 12 is almost here.

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