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The Google Pixel 6 lost Magic Eraser in latest Photos update, here’s how to avoid it

The NS Pixel 6 and 6 Pro fell victim to the avalanche linked NS issue and now another (and admittedly smaller) issue is cropping up. The cleaning magic is over for many people who have updated to the latest version of Google Photos.

According to a thread on Reddit, the Magic Eraser option in the Tools section under Google Photo Editor is completely missing in the latest app update version 5.67. We were able to verify as reliably as possible against multiple Pixel 6 devices. Mashaal Rehman He shared a lot on Twitter when he faced the same problem.

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left: What should it look like? the right: What does it look like?

At first I suspected that this issue was caused by sideloading the wrong version of Google Photos onto the Pixel 6 through the app Mirror or similar platforms, but for those who specifically update For using the Play Store, it seems that Magic Eraser is also out.

If you still have access to Magic Eraser, you should turn off automatic updates for Google Photos for now. You can see the list of Google Photos Play Store if you tap on the three dots menu in the top right corner on your phone, you have to uncheck it. Enable automatic updates. Check mark.

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If you get Photo version 5.67 and Magic Eraser runs out, there’s nothing you can do to get it back. Uninstalling all updates for an app won’t repair the app, so you should usually fix such problems. This could be because the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro shipped earlier. As the default version of Image does not support Magic Eraser. New owners had to update their Photos app before they could access Magic Eraser.

We’ve reached out to Google to find out what’s going on and if there’s a fix.

Thanks: Mishal Rehman, Anthony Mackie.

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